2008 Attendees

"I attended the CAMP conference in 2008 and came away very impressed with the professionalism of the event and the caliber of the attendees.  There were panels on diverse topics with excellent experienced panelists on each.  The event was well-organized with a terrific venue.  I look forward to the 2009 event." - Yasmin Sohrawardy, Vice President, Major investment bank

"CAMP's conference left me feeling inspired and proud of the successes within the Muslim-American community. It also provided the opportunity to network with professionals across a number of fields, learn practical advice for career development, and gain insight on the number of ways we can give back to our communities.  The conference's diverse programming will inshallah lay the groundwork for many more success stories in the future." - Zehra Naqvi, Attorney with Kasowitz, Benson Torres & Friedman - and Co-Founder of the Council of Shia Professionals (CSP)

"Mashallah, this was a great event last year. The organizers did a fantastic job. I highly recommend attending." - Asif Mustafa, Director, Banking Products and Services, UBS Financial Services Inc.

   2008 Panelists

"One of the most professional and useful Muslim-American events I have been to." - Aakif Ahmad, Former Managing Director, Corporate Executive Board

"The key to any conference is the quality of people in attendance, like Mike Rednour.  CAMP was able to get the brightest minds in several different fields together for honest conversation and relationship building around key issues that matter to Muslim Americans.  I would highly recommend attending." - Zeenat Rahman, Public Advocacy Program Coordinator, Interfaith Youth Core

"CAMP's Annual Leadership Summit is a unique and much needed event for the North American Muslim community. The sincerity, energy, and dedication of the conference organizers is displayed in a thoughtful and well-organized conference that brings together a diverse group of Muslims on a platform that focuses on professional networking, career development, and community growth. North American Muslims do not have many national events that focus on this platform. Any serious Muslim professional that cares about their faith and their career must attend this event." - Umair Khan, Former Strategy Manager, GE Healthcare and Current HBS '10 Candidate 

"A fabulous forum for Muslim professionals to engage with one another." - Sayyeda Mirza-Jafri, Strategic Philanthropy Advisor 

"The event was very well organized and brought together a collection of professionals. It definitely exceeded my expectations.” - Dr. Shakil Ahmed, Managing Director, Citigroup 

Following on from last year's overwhelming success, we'd like to invite you to join us at the 3rd Annual CAMP Leadership Summit and Reception on Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.


In just one short year, our world has changed in so many ways:

  • We now find ourselves in the midst of the worst economic and financial crisis since the Depression
  • Many Americans, including Muslims, are now facing fear and anxiety in these times of instability
  • However, America also witnessed a historic election in 2008 and is now enjoying the first days of a new landmark administration
  • We, as American Muslims, participated in greater numbers than ever before in Election 2008, making our own mark in the momentous election season
  • In these challenging times, we have entered an 'Era of Responsibility' and President Obama has called on all Americans to cultivate a spirit of service towards our cities and communities